Wealthy Affiliate Review – More Than Just Website Hosting

Why nearly 3 million users think Wealthy Affiliate is the top platform for website hosting and training – I’m one of them.

In this review, I will delve into the main benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and why I believe you would benefit from joining by taking advantage of their free starter level.

Disclaimer – This is an affiliate product and if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate then I will receive a commission.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=04921516
Price: Premium $49/month Premium Plus $99/month – Discounts are available for yearly membership – a Free Starter Package is also available


How Wealthy Affiliate Works

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform for wannabe or experienced Online Entrepreneurs. It provides all the tools to get started and run a successful online business.

Tools include

  • Domains
  • Website Hosting with WordPress Site Building
  • Jaaxy keyword research
  • Training from starter to expert levels
  • Community Support
  • Active Wealthy Affiliate Owners supporting members


Top Notch Training

As someone who considers themself tech-challenged, I was surprised at how easy the training was to follow.

Training is provided in both written and video formats. This allowed me to read what I needed and then watch the video.

A simple process of pausing the video and applying the training to my website and the website was up and running on day one.

It was indexed by Google Search Engine within 48 hours although it can take longer or may never be indexed. That comes down to you and the content you create.

There are weekly live training sessions about the latest trends and techniques to boost the success of your website.

In addition, members can provide any training videos they think will benefit members.

The core training is regularly updated.

If you are someone who enjoys continuous learning and likes to stay on top of what is happening in the online industry then this is definitely a brilliant feature of Wealthy Affiliates.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate and access training immediately


Jaaxy Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the basics for getting high rankings on search engines.

Jaaxy Keyword Research is one of the top research platforms and comes as part of your membership.

There are different levels of access depending on which membership level you join

  • Wealthy Affiliate Free has access to Jaaxy Starter
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium has access to Jaaxy Lite
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus has access to Jaaxy Enterprise.

As a Premium member, I have access to Jaaxy Lite which provides keyword searches and suggestions. An estimate of how many searches are made each month on the search along with suggestions on possible Google Ranking.

The Alphabet Soup function provides many suggestions for keyword searches. With all the suggestions members should never run out of ideas for blogs.

Jaaxy is considered one of the top keyword search tools for online entrepreneurs and is included as part of your membership at every level.

Join Wealthy Affiliate today and get immediate access to Jaaxy Tools


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is a hot top and has quickly been added to the resource tools on Wealthy Affiliate with the introduction of Hubs and AI Author.

Hubs is where the legwork is done for creating content on the website. AI driven, choose your niche and hubs will generate 10 suggested categories for the website and 10 blogs for each category providing 100 suggested article for the website.

The next step is then creating the blogs and this is where AI Author comes into it’s own.

Simply go to the suggested article and click write article. Tell it how many words and sections you want in the blog. How you want the blog written. Either in a professional format or in a chatty lesson formal format. Press create and your blog is created.

My first attempt saw the article created in 2 minutes. I spent 30 minutes adding personal stories and graphics and it was published.

AI will have a massive impact with business.

Wealthy Affiliate has the ethos of supporting members and ensuring they are always up to date with the latest trends and tools

Join Wealthy Affiliate and discover how you can use AI tools to help grow your online business.


Can’t Write?

To achieve high rankings and be successful online, content creation is the backbone for building a website and getting rankings

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes into it’s own as far as I’m concerned.

Training is provided on how to create different types of blogs for the website.

Jaaxy provides Keyword Research for achieving high rankings on Google Search.

AI is there to support members with outlines and author created blogs for their website.

But there are also templates provided with outlines for generating blogs for the website.

The templates include

and there are more…

Everything that a non-writer can use to start a blog and publish it to their website confident that the article they have written has good structure.


A Community That Wants You To Succeed

Competition can be frightening when starting a new business, especially an online one.

Many people have the mindset “Why share my ideas as they might be copied?”

At Wealthy Affiliate there is a community of successful online entrepreneurs who started exactly where you are today.

They have done the hard graft of building their website and getting rankings, high search engine rankings and know how to make money online. They are more than happy to share their skills and knowledge to help you become a successful online entrepreneur.

In the Community, there are articles about what is happening in the Online Industry, Video Training, Post a Question and the community rush to support you. There is a live chat and if you need it they will help with reviewing your website.

If anything can’t be answered within community support your find tech support available to help.

A pay-it-forward ethos is dedicated to providing as much support as possible to new members and even experienced members.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2020 and have several websites so consider myself more experienced than someone who is just starting. Yet, when I ask a question in the community they respond very quickly with suggestions and tips to support my online businesses.


What Does All This Cost?

You might be thinking with all these benefits and tools that it will be expensive to become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

You’ll be surprised at how much value is on offer.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter is Free and provides one website and hosting with limited access to the tools

The Premium membership – $49/month, is the most popular and provides 3 websites of hosting and tools. This is the most popular for people getting started as an Online Entrepreneur.

Premium Plus $99/month is the bells and whistles package. Have up to 10 websites and full access to all the tools.

Each plan has an annual payment discount price with even more savings. Check the comparisons below

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just website hosting. It is a community who are there to support all members and help them achieve the success they desire as an Online Entrepreneur.

The world-class training and continual development of their facilities means you are always at the leading edge of technology.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2020 I have witnessed the dedication of the owners to member support and continual development.

I have no hesitation is recommending Wealthy Affiliates if you want to become an Online Entrepreneur with a successful business.

Join Wealthy Affiliate today and skyrocket your online success.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate business offering a legitmate business opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate offers web hosting and training for building an affiliate marketing online business. It has nearly 3 million users worldwide. But it isn’t just for affiliate marketers.

Anyone who requires domain names and web hosting for any business model can use Wealthy Affiliate services and benefit from the tools and training.

What is Wealthy Affiliates All About?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online web hosting platform that offers many tools and training for people wanting to have an online business.

Training is based on how to build a successful affiliate marketing business using Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program as a base to learn the tools of the trade. The skills learned can be applied to any online business. You are not required to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate and can just apply the training to any website and/or product you desire.

As part of the tools offered is access to several affiliate marketing platforms offering products and services suitable for affiliate marketers.

For me, the most important part of Wealthy Affiliate is being able to host my own websites. Learn from the amazing training and have a community support. Being a Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate is optional.

How Much Can You Earn With Wealthy Affiliate Program?

There is no limit on how much you can earn through the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

With different products on offer the rate varies depending on products sold. However an example of commission payable are:

Premium Membership – the most popular package cost $49 per month. The affiliate will receive $20 for the first month and $23.50 for each subsequent month that the membership remains active and paid. When the member opts for yearly membership the affiliate receives $235

Premium Plus Membership – commissions are $40 for the first month and $46.50 thereafter. Where the member opts for yearly membership the affiliate receives $320.

So what can you earn?

Refer 10 people to Premium Membership and monthly earning is $235.00

Refer 100 people to Premium Membership and monthly earning is $2350.00

Refer 1000 people to Premium Membership and monthly earning is $23,500.00

Wealthy Affiliate has no upper limit on earnings the more people you refer, the more money you make. This is recurring monthly or annual income creating a wonderful passive income.

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