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Why Choose The Online Entrepreneur Newsletter

Running an online business took more learning and skills than I first realised.  I thought write a blog, publish it and job done. The money would come rolling in.


There are many different aspects to creating and running a successful online business.

So, I decided to share my experience with readers first by writing a book.  

The problem with books is they quickly become outdated as technology changes.  So, I decided to write a regular newsletter to help keep clients up to date with the latest changes.  

I wanted to create something that was informative with action steps to take each week that would help the reader gain practical experience to grow their business.

The newsletter idea meant short articles, that can be read in five minutes or less.  The Online Entrepreneur Newsletter is the result.

About the Newsletter

The Online Entrepreneur Newsletter is a free newsletter delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning.

Since its launch in 2023, the newsletter readership has been growing steadily around 25% per month with an open rate of 82%.  That is a high open rate in today’s online market where 50% is considered high. 

The success to date is due, I think, to the format of the newsletter and the content.

Each week, there is a short blog that takes just a couple of minutes to read.  Usually less than 5 minutes.  It covers just one topic.

After the topic, there are some simple action steps that can be taken instantly and take just a few minutes to complete.  Each action step will help build an online business.

In each newsletter, there are support materials and courses.  Some are free and some are paid.  Each is supplied to help the reader grow and monetize their online business.

Why Subscribe?

Why should you subscribe when the newsletters are made available on this website?

The answer is because the newsletters published on here are about 2 months behind those sent out via email.

To get access to current resources, courses or events that support the newsletter you will need to be receiving the most up to date newsletter.

Still not sure if you should subscribe to the newsletter?

Here are some newsletters for you to view, from the first ones issued to the current ones. You can see how they evolve and how offeres etc. change.

Newsletter 001 – Finding Your Niche

Newsletter 028 – The Perfect Niche for Your

For a list of all newsletters and their topics available on this site click here

Take your business to the next level.

The newsletter is free.  You can subscribe here.

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