10 Skills Needed to Become an Online Entrepreneur

It’s what you don’t know that holds back the success of becoming an online entrepreneur. But don’t worry it can be learned through training and practice.

Here we look at 10 skills needed to become an online entrepreneur.

Analytic Skills

Some tools can be used to analyze how much traffic (visitors) go to your website. How many engage with your site and how many are converted into sales?

Being able to analyze the results and look at changes when things aren’t working is one of the key skills to being an online entrepreneur.

Digital Marketing

Different types of digital marketing strategies can be used to drive traffic to your websites and convert them into sales.

Digital Advertising – creating paid-for adverts and tracking the results. Testing A and B adverts to see which works best. It requires keeping up with the latest trends and identifying the best type of advert for the current trend.

Social Media Marketing – there are numerous types of social media accounts. Identify which platform the ideal customer is likely to be using and customize the content to suit that particular platform.

Email Marketing – despite people saying emails are dying they still have the highest conversion rate. Building an email list and nurturing the list builds rapport with prospective customers and increases sales prospects.

Mastering different types of digital marketing will help to build Know Like and Trust with potential customers

Content Creation

Not everyone loves writing but for an online entrepreneur, it is one of the top 10 skills needed to become an online entrepreneur.

There are different types of content needed on each website informative and transitional. Understanding the differences and applying them to your website will increase the ranking and sales.

Emails are another written form of content creation, engaging people on your email list and persuading them to buy your products requires a different type of writing.

But content creation isn’t just writing it can be videos and reels. These are growing in popularity due to TikTok and YouTube. Knowing the right kind of content that will increase your profile and sales.

Content creation takes time and planning to get the right information out to the audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the art of making your content search engine friendly and finding the niches where people are not getting the search results they require.

  • Website SEO is usually a plugin on the website that encourages search engines to look at the website.
  • Content SEO is ensuring the content written is solving a problem for the reader so they see you as the authority in a given niche and will come back time and again to your site.


This is delivering content regularly.

On YouTube, it means putting out videos at a set time each week so followers are waiting for the release of the next video. Set certain days of the week when the next video will be released. It could be once a week on a Wednesday or twice a week. I think you get the idea.

Blogs on websites should also have a set time for release. For instance, I have a newsletter Online Entrepreneur which goes out every week on a Saturday morning to subscribers. The newsletter is written on a Monday and scheduled on Aweber to go on a Saturday.

Newsletters are released on the website 4 weeks delayed. So, once the newest newsletter is written and scheduled to go out the 4-week-old newsletter is added to the website.

It is consistency on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that helps to grow the brand and business.


Businesses don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.

Any business online or more traditional needs a plan.

The plan sets out the purpose of the business, and how it intends to deliver its goods and services. It will include marketing strategies and budgets. It will identify gaps in skills and knowledge to get the business to the next level.

A plan is an essential skill if you want your business to become a success.


Empathy is the skill of being able to put yourself in the prospective customer’s situation. Once you understand the customer, and the problem they have that needs solving, the better equipped you’ll be to solve their problem and make a sale.

For example, trying to sell swimming pools to a person who is scared of water does not show empathy.

However, selling inflatable devices and having a shallow end in the pool may make the person more comfortable with having a pool.

Empathy is stepping into the customer’s shoes and understanding their concerns and problems. It helps you be better at providing a solution that overcomes their problem and concerns.

It helps you create content that appears to speak directly to the person concerned.


Systems make hard tasks easier and automatic systems make being an online entrepreneur even easier.

A person who can create systems and tweak them until they deliver the perfect results will be better at building an online business that doesn’t take up to 24 hours a day.

With an online business the world is your oyster and the world operates in different time zones. Building systems that deliver your product or service without your presence ensures customers don’t become frustrated due to lack of response or delivery of an item.

For instance, if someone purchases a training course, the product is already setup online and the buyer gets immediate access. If they sign up to a live coaching, they get immediate information about when the next training takes place together with links to meetings and material.

Systems ensure my business operates with the least amount of input from me but the customer still gets the item they paid for even if I’m asleep at the time.


Creativity is staying ahead of the curves and trends by making yourself stand out from the crowd.

What makes your online business special and why should people buy from you?

Can you come up with 10 benefits for your product that aren’t the same old boring ones such as this is the best? Everyone says their product or service is the best. Your creativity in presenting the product or service determines if people will prefer your item above anyone else’s.

Time Management

Online businesses are often run from home. This takes a huge degree of self-discipline to concentrate on work when there are better things that could be done.

Time Management creates the space within a day to ensure the things you want to do can be done.

For example, I’m a coach and deliver training in the evenings as most of my clients are working during the day. Time Management lets me schedule which days will be coaching and which days give me free time to spend with my family and friends.

Part of my time management strategy is to schedule time for writing (that is core for my business income) time for planning my business, time for sales and time for delivering coaching to my clients.

Time Management is essential for ensuring everything that needs to be done is done.

An Abundance of Skills

Online Entrepreneurs need an abundance of skills to build and grow a business. Planning time for coaching and learning is essential. Skills can be learned on the job.

This article covers 10 skills essential to be an Online Entrepreneur, however, there are many more that will help improve business growth and profits.

Continuous learning is imperative to become an Online Entrepreneur.

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