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Are Your Hashtags Working

Organic growth and getting in front of new potential customers are a never-ending compilation of content, offers, seo and hashtags – or is it.

Are Hashtags Needed?

I recently listened to a marketing specialist who works with Instagram.  He threw water on the whole concept of hashtags.

He stated that all hashtags do is help the algorithm to identify your content category.  It has little to do with attracting new clients.

This is quite an eye opener, especially when you see social media marketers saying you can add up to 30 hashtags to a post and you should use as many of them as possible.

The Instagram, marketing employee went on to say, it comes down to SEO and content.  If your SEO is good and you have great content then you will attract traffic and new followers.

As Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same company, I decided to put this into practice on both platforms.

Using Meta Business Suite, I put together a range of posts that used SEO keywords and phrases with only one or two hashtags scheduling them for release throughout the week. 

The results over a week were not fantastic but the start was okay.  Instagram saw 5 new followers and my Karen Newton International Facebook page saw 7 new followers with 5 joining my Karen Newton International Facebook Group.

When someone joins the Facebook Group it means they are more serious about learning and more likely to become a client than followers on any social media platform.

I should clarify here that Instagram is not one of my preferred platforms.  I’m not actively trying to grow it as most of my customers come from Facebook.  But I’ll gratefully take any new followers if they help grow my brand and ultimately sales.

Maybe the Instagram Marketing employee was right.  It’s not about hashtags it’s more about the quality of the content that makes the difference in growing the follower base.  Only time will tell.

This Week’s Action Step

Try the experiment yourself – reduce the number of hashtags and increase the value of content and keep track of your new followers.

The Online Entrepreneur

I created The Online Entrepreneur Website as a site of learning and resources to help grow an Online Business – visit regularly as more content is added weekly. Older content is constantly updated to reflect the new content being added.

Use the platform as a resource by looking at the blogs, link structure and the way sales are handled through reviews and benefit blogs linking back to the reviews.  This is the new format that search engines like for visitor experience.

Newsletter Backlist

If you have missed any of the previous newsletters there is a backlist of newsletters available at please note not all newsletters are published to the site.  The site is about 2 months behind on publishing.

Online Training Courses

There are some courses available to help you grow an online business. 

The Affiliate Marketing Courses are designed for people who have little or no money to start an online business and will show you how to get started with some free tools.

Course 1 – Quick Affiliate Profits is about getting started covering niche, customers, social media, emails systems and more

Course 2 –  Sales Booster Strategies covers building sales funnels – forget the expensive programs and start with very little money or even for free using the tools created in course 1

I recommend starting with Course 1 – Quick Affiliate Profits as you will get discounts of the price of course 2.

Members Only Community

The benefits of being part of the Members Only membership community is

Free access to the live Online Business Mastery training helping you to grow ranking, traffic and monetise your website. 

Free ebooks about investing, online businesses and personal development.

A Community feature that removes the need for social media groups.  It is your support group for building your online business.

At only £9.97 this is amazing value.


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